1. Bright

亮点 (liàng diǎn) Highlight / Focus Literal. Bright spot

照亮 (zhào liàng) Illuminate / Brighten up

亮眼 (liàng yǎn) Attractive Literal. Bright to one's eye

2. Reveal

亮牌 (liàng pái) Show hand Literal. Reveal card(s)

亮相 (liàng xiàng) Debut / Appear on stage Literal. Reveal appearance


There are many characters that look similar to 亮, however, 亠 and 口 are in fact two separate Radicals. In the case of High / Tall (高), it is both a Radical and Sound component.

Other compound characters classified under 亠 Lid Radical

7.07 忘(wáng) Lost

六 (liù) Six (numeral)

交 (jiāo) Exchange

亭 (tíng) Pavilion

京 (jīng) Capital city

享 (xiǎng) Enjoy

10.09 离(lí) Depart


漂亮 (piào liang) Beautiful / Remarkable / Splendid – similar to 美丽 (reference 7.01 丽), this is a widely used term to compliment beauty. On top of that, it is used to describe the beauty perceived in human actions – be it doing a good job, showing a grand gesture to others, outsmarting an opponent or playing outstandingly in a game of sports.

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