1. Possess to have something

2. Presence in existence


有 and 无 are often used to show the contrast in phrases...

有缘千里来相会,无缘对面不相识 (yǒu yuán qiān lǐ lái xiāng huì, wú yuán duì miàn bù xiāng shí) In the presence of fate, paths will cross regardless distance; in the absence of fate, one would not even get to know the person opposite Literal. The existence of fate, (people) thousands of li () apart will come and meet; no fate, (people) opposite will not be acquainted

Thinking along this line, what will 有缘无分 (yǒu yuán wú fèn) mean?

Some experts believe it means "two people who are destined to meet, but not fated to be together", others draw links to Buddhism and explain it in terms of Karma. From a slightly more commoner's point of view, it is explained as "two people having the fate to meet but not having the rights and recognition (名分) to be together"

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