1. Moon

2. Month

Few characters with 月 Moon Radical are associated with the moon

Most compound characters with 月 Flesh Radical are body-related and actually derived from Flesh (肉)



Chinese have a great fondness for the moon. Perhaps for the fact that it is the most ever-changing yet constant thing in life, or, simply because the great writers made it so poetic.

"Quiet Night Thought"[1] by Li Bai [2] is usually the first poem being taught at school and probably the most famous quatrain in Chinese poetry. At a later stage in life, _"Prelude to Water Melody – When will there be a Bright Moon?"[3] by Su Shi [4] will be introduced, sometimes in the form of a sentimental ballad.

By the time a person reaches middle age, especially situated far away from home, it is only natural to look up at the night sky for that brightest light. Whenever a full moon is in sight, every verse would instantly becomes apparent.

P.S. 月 Moon Radical / 月 Flesh Radical

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