1. This / In this way

2. -ly

Structural particle added after adjectives to form adverbs


Interestingly, Sudden (突) symbolizes a Canine (犬) emerge out of a Cave (穴) and 然 consists of Canine Meat (肰) on Fire (灬) – which is the basis for Burn (燃). The Mouth (犬) of a Canine (犬), Barks (吠), and having two Canines guarding one's Speech (讠) is Prison (狱).

It is important to know that the 犭(Animal) Radical was originally derived from 犬 (quǎn) and used mainly for the Canine family such as Dogs (狗), Wolves/ Coyotes (狼) and Foxes (狐狸).

However, during the change from Traditional to Simplified Chinese, "犭" is used for Pigs (猪) and Cats (猫) which used to be written as - 豬 and 貓 respectively.

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