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Linz Lim & Jon Robson created and published A Little Daily Dose. This is an ongoing project to document and share their Chinese learning adventures.

Linz Lim is a writer and designer passionate about books and travel. Though she spends most of her time working on events, she finds pockets of space for projects that have special meaning for her. Over the years, her unique works have received the Red Dot Design Award, Hermes Creative Platinum Award, A’ Design Award and Graphis Design Award.

Jon Robson is a senior software engineer at the Wikimedia Foundation. He built the Wikipedia mobile site and is involved in various open-source projects, such as Open Library, that support open knowledge. Jon strives to build things that remove barriers for non-technical people to empower them in fulfilling their dreams. He likes to write about the projects he works on, focusing on the non-technical human side of things. View his website.

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A Little Daily Dose is an ongoing project - photo shows the worktable with our print outs and notes