Wash (Cleanse)

洗脸 (xǐ liǎn) Wash one's face;洗脚 (xǐ jiǎo) Wash one's feet;洗手 (xǐ shǒu) Wash one's hands;洗手间 (xǐ shǒu jiān) Washroom Literal. Wash hand room;洗衣 (xǐ yī) Do laundry *Literal. Wash clothings;洗衣机 (xǐ yī jī) Washing machine Literal. Wash clothings mashine;洗衣液 (xǐ yī yè) Laundry detergent Literal. Wash clothings fluid; 干洗 (gān xǐ) Dryclean Literal. Dry wash;洗脑 (xǐ nǎo) Brainwash;洗礼 (xǐ lǐ) Baptism Literal. Wash ceremony;洗牌 (xǐ pái) Shuffle Literal. Wash cards or tiles;洗钱 (xǐ qián) Money laundering *Literal. Wash money


abbreviation at the hair salon. Often, ladies tend to opt for Wash and Blow (洗吹) on a more regular basis.

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