To tempt

引诱 (yǐn yòu) To lure / entice / seduce Literal. Cause temptation

诱惑 (yòu huò) A form of seduction Literal. Tempt and puzzle

诱人 (yòu rén) To be lured / enticed / seduced Literal. Tempting to a person

诱饵 (yòu ěr) Bait Literal. Tempt food

Compound characters with 讠Speech Radical are usually speech related and often have multiple meanings

说 (shuō) To say / tell / pronounced as "shuì" to mean persuade

讲 (jiǎng) To talk / discuss / explain

话 (huà) Spoken words or different types of dialect

语 (yǔ) Language in general

(diào · tiáo) Move / Tone / Adjust

词 (cí) Word / Vocab / Lyric / Classical verse

谢 (xiè) Thank / Decline

谈 (tán) To converse / discuss / chat

记 (jì) To record / note / remember

认 (rèn) To recognise / admit

设 (shè) To establish / display / plot

计 (jì) To calculate / plan / come up with

设计 (shè jì) To design Literal. Establish and plan for (something)

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