Evident (Clear) / Prominent / Display

明显 (míng xiǎn) Obvious Literal. Bright and evidently

显眼 (xián yǎn) Outstanding / Eye-catching Literal. Prominent to the eye

显示 (xiǎn shì) Display and indicate

显示频 (xiǎn shì pín) Display screen / LED Display

显微镜 (xiǎn wēi jìng) Microscope Literal. Display micro lens

Compound characters with 日 Sun Radical are usually associated with the sun or brightness

昌 (chāng) Prosper Symbolic. 2 x Sun

晶 (jīng) Radiant / Crystal Symbolic. 3 x Sun

星 (xīng) Star Symbolic. A Sun-like object is born

明 (míng) Bright Symbolic. Sun and Moon

早 (zǎo) Morning Symbolic. Sun out of the slit – "十" represented a slit in Oracle Bone script

晚 (wǎn) Night Symbolic. Sun exempted

7.14 时 (shí) Time Symbolic. Sun's length (inch)

9.06 是 (shì) Correct / Yes Symbolic. Sun is upright (正)

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