kàn Not to be confused with [着](11-16.html)

Look / View / See Synonym. 4.20 见

好看 (hǎo kàn) Good-looking

偷看 (tōu kàn) Peep Literal. Steal a look

看法 (kàn fǎ) Opinion Literal. Viewing ways

看相 (kàn xiàng) Fortune-telling Literal. View one's appearance

看书 (kàn shū) To read Literal. View book

看电影 (kàn diàn yǐng) Watch movies Literal. View movies

Compound characters or words with 目 Eye Radical are usually associated with sight

(yǎn) Eyes

瞄 (miáo) Aim

睡 (shùi) Sleep Symbolic. Eyes droop

泪 (lèi) Tears Symbolic. Water droplets from eyes

盲 (máng) Blind Symbolic. Absence of sight – usually used to describe a person who is blind by birth

瞎 (xiā) Blind Symbolic. Eyes are harmed – usually used to describe a person who became blind


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