kàn Not to be confused with [11.16 着](11-16.html)

Look / View / See Synonym. 4.20 见

好看 (hǎo kàn) Good-looking

偷看 (tōu kàn) Peep Literal. Steal a look

看法 (kàn fǎ) Opinion Literal. Viewing ways

看相 (kàn xiàng) Fortune telling Literal. View one's appearance

看书 (kàn shū) To read Literal. View book

看电影 (kàn diàn yǐng) Watch movies Literal. View movies

Compound characters or words with 目 Eye Radical are usually associated with sight

眼睛 (yǎn jīng) Eyes

瞄 (miáo) Aim

睡 (shùi) Sleep Symbolic. Eyes droop

泪 (lèi) Tears Symbolic. Water droplets from eyes

盲 (máng) Blind Symbolic. Absence of sight – usually used to describe a person who is blind by birth

瞎 (xiā) Blind Symbolic. Eyes are harmed – usually used to describe a person who became blind


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