Compound characters with 鱼 Fish Radical are usually different types of fish or fish-related


鱼 (yú) Fish has the same pronunciation as 余 (yú) Abundance. The phrase "Year after year with abundance (年年有余)" is often written with a wordplay - 年年有鱼 - in Chinese restaurants.

During Chinese New Year dinner gatherings, having fish is a must to start the year with abundance. In Singapore and Malaysia, raw fish slices are tossed high up in the air (together with various auspicious ingredients) before consuming. This is because raw fish slices (鱼生) sounds exactly like 余升 (yú shēng) – abundance on the rise!

On the home front, aquariums are popular Fengshui (风水) essential. Very often, they are placed at a person's fortune position (财位) to stimulate the prosperous flow of energy. To some staunch believers, when a fish dies, it has defended its owner from some unforeseen misfortune.

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