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2. Layer of Classifier.

For the uncountable amount of particles


十八层地狱 (shí bā céng dì yù) Eighteen Levels of Hell refers to the different levels of torture in the Chinese concept of "Hell". Sinners do not "die" after one act of punishment. Instead, they are reverted back to the original state where the punishments are being performed again and again for a very very long time. In the 18th Level of Hell, for example, resident sinners are believed to be tortured for 231,928,233,984,000,000,000 years.

This should not be confused with the Ten Kings of Hell or Ten Courts of Yan Luo (十殿阎罗) where the First King of Hell acts as the main administrator and assigns sinners to the subsequent eight Kings of Hell (each in charge of a different court of punishment). Upon serving their time, sinners are sent to the Tenth King of Hell who allocates the final reincarnation. Interestingly in Singapore, this concept is showcased graphically in the Haw Paw Villa theme park.

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