She / Her*


In English, "They" and "Them" are generic terms for a collective of men, women, a mix of men and women, animals and even things.

In Chinese, "他们" is commonly used for human in general whereas

"她们" is used for solely two or more women and "它们" is used for animals and things.

When making reference to subjects of certain grandeur (such as countries, cities, landscapes, flags and boats), 她 is widely used instead of 他 or 它.

For example:

好爱大理和她迷人的洱海 (hǎo ài dà lǐ hé tā mí rén de ér hǎi) Love Dali and her enchanting Er Lake

*In written Chinese, there is a distinction between She/ Her (她), He/ Him () and It/Its (它), although they sound identical.

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