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农历 (nóng lì) Traditional Chinese calendar Literal. Agriculture calendar is a lunisolar calendar that is based on both the Moon (lunar phase) and the Sun (solar cycle), with indications of seasons. This is not to be confused with the Islamic Calendar (伊斯兰历) that is based solely on the Moon – also known as the Lunar Calendar (阴历).

In the modern age, almost everyone in China uses an east-meets-west calendar where the Gregorian calendar (公历) indicates the dates and the Traditional Chinese calendar denotes the lunar phase, together with the 24 Solar Terms (二十四节气). According to this solar term system, each year is divided into 24 segments where each segment captures the Sun's movement (by every 15 degrees). It was originally created to capture variation in seasons and climatic phenomenon in the olden days for farmers to monitor their agriculture.

Chinese living in various parts of the world may have different versions of the calendar (some even incorporates horse racing dates) but the lunar phase and festivals are usually the must-haves.

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