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The conventional way of writing numerals is also known as Small letters (小写). In China, to process payment- related materials such as contracts, checks and company Invoices (发票), there is a very strict and official way to write numerals.

大写 (dà xiě) Capitals, also known as Anti-fraud numerals, are used with great complexity to minimize modifications. They share the same pronunciation as the conventional numbers.

Numerals 小写 大写
One 一 (yī) 壹 (yī)
Two 二 (èr) 贰 (èr)
Three 三 (sān) 叁 (sān)
Four 四 (sì) 肆 (sì)
Five 五 (wǔ) 伍 (wǔ)
Six 六 (liù) 陆 (liù)
Seven 七 (qī) 柒 (qī)
Eight 八 (bā) 捌 (bā)
Nine 九 (jiǔ) 玖 (jiǔ)
Ten 十 (shí) 拾 (shí)
Place Value
Hundred 百 (bǎi) 佰 (bǎi)
Thousand 千 (qiān) 仟 (qiān)
Ten Thousand 万 (wàn) 万 (wàn)
Million 百万 (bǎi wàn) 百万 (bǎi wàn)
Hundred Million 亿 (yì) 亿 (yì)
Billion 十亿 (shí yì) 拾亿 (shí yì)

When issuing invoices or checks in China......

¥ 6,586 will be written as: 陆仟伍佰捌拾六元整

¥ 6,586,000 will be written as: 陆佰伍拾捌万六仟元整

¥ 6,586,000,000 will be written as: 陆拾伍亿捌仟六佰万元整

Chinese Yuan (元) is written at the end of the amount, followed by Complete (整) – similar to writing "ONLY" in English.

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