jiǎ jià

1. (jiǎ) False Antonym. 10.15 真

2. (jiǎ) Presumably

3. (jià) Off / On Leave


"Dreams of the Red Mansion"[1], by Cao Xueqin [2], remains the most mysterious Chinese literature as the researchers of Redology [3] arrive at evidence of true historical events embedded in his work of fiction. Was it mere autobiography or documentation of unknown history?

The answer to this, is in a verse the author had written in his book:

假作真时真亦假,无为有处有还无 (jiǎ zuò zhēn shí zhēn yì jiǎ, wú wéi yǒu chù yǒu huán wú) When the Fake seems real, the Truth is as good as false; when Non-existence is made to be present, Existence reverts back to absence.

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