1. Blanket

2. Got (affected by) / Being

Added before a verb to indicate that an action has been done to someone / something / someplace

Compound characters with 衤 Clothing Radical are usually clothing-related

  • 衬衫 (chèn shān) Shirt;裙 (qún) Skirt / Dress;裤 (kù) Trousers;
  • 袖 (xiù) Sleeve;袜 (wà) Socks;裸 (luǒ) Naked;补 (bǔ) Mend;
  • 初 (chū) Beginning / Most initial – the Knife (刀) is essential to start making clothes (衣)

Clothing Radical is derived from Clothes (衣) and very easily confused with 礻 Spiritual Radical that is derived from Display (示)

Compound characters with 礻 Spiritual Radical are usually associated with spiritual ideology/belief (the idea of displaying offerings for the spirits)

  • 神 (shén) God / Expressive (looks);禅 (chán) Zen / Meditation;
  • 祠 (cí) Shrine;祥 (xiáng) Auspicious;祸 (huò) Disaster;祝福 (zhù fú) Wish / Blessing;祈祷 (qí dǎo) Pray / Prayer


For most "被 + verb" compounds, subject(s) are usually introduced (in between) to make sentences more specific. For examples:**

intl. shipping

USD: $28.80